A happy little planet but these aliens have landed and seem to be taking people away.
There's a man in the tree and he's holding a red pen called a resin Pilot Falcon (it's imported from Japan.) I used the pen to draw these little people from my dream - It's bad enough they took my pen but now they're stealing my ice cream!
Dumbo's got a Pinto bag and it goes well with his 'stache,
Though it's funny that he thinks he can impress us with his cash.
Wasted money on a pink bag, now he's bragging 'bout a book.
He can't face it- we're too busy with our own to care or look.

I got a book on pickles! Pervo's got a weirdo book he found,
And The Cowboy's reading Brokeback Kanyon (sequel to the Mount.)
But the words are all that matter, books with pictures do not count-
These 10 dummies in a room are reading hard and that's no doubt.
I'm a friend to all ghosts, and who wouldn't be?
Stranded on an island with no fences and free.
When mana falls from the tree, we gather around to eat-
Feeling lucky for the company and moments like these.
Sitting 'round a table, Bird Men looking at a head.
All of them are hungry but want something else instead.
"That's fine if y'all don't eat, in fact I think it would be best,"
Said the bird in back, "I'll take it home and eat it in my nest."
You Better Get Back When the Dinos Attack!
Clothing studies based on random Google images. Because fashion is important.
There are guys who like dudes and there are men who like boobs.
But I'm the kind of guy who likes a sky full of tubes.
Interview photo for Escape Motions about how I use their software "Rebelle" in my illustration process. It has incredible real-time digital watercolor simulation.

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