Written by mbpardy ꞏ Illustrated by Junkyard Sam
The full story is presented above in a video on YouTube. The art was all created in Photoshop and the video was made in After Effects. Audio editing was done in Adobe Audition.
If you turn up the volume you'll hear the author narrate the story, accompanied by some nice music by his friend, Gordo... with all of my illustrations, of course.
This is the promo art for the book.  Cover art & illustrations made for the book & video are shown below.
Be sure to watch and listen to the story video at the top of the page.  If you like it, the book is a high quality hardcover available on Amazon. Search "Graham's Up the Tree" or click here.
I really enjoyed working with mbpardy on this project. He's a great guy and I highly recommend working with him if you ever get the chance.
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