Illustration for custom EDC flashlight company OKLUMA
Nothing beats drawing on the go in a Mokeskine with a fountain pen. These are Pilot Preras with F and EF nibs. Good pockets pens.
Fish are flying in the sky, flap-flap-flap!
Their fins aren't much for flapping but their mouths are quick to yap.
Lots of words are said but not much sense in anything they say,
These yappers echo nonsense heard on TV news all day!
Hooray for real watercolor and fish up in the sky,
They must be really giant, just look at that falling guy!
Flapping arms but cannot fly, hoping to survive the fall-
Wishin' he could fry those fish but they're too big to eat 'em all!
Trapped on the 3rd floor of a parking garage. Kids in the mirror shaking the van.
Sitting in the cabin (much too hot outside for me),
Drawing while my boys watch Total Recall on TV.
Soon we'll go out for a hike and then go fishing down below,
While my wife is barbecuing the best food we'll ever know!
Quick! Warn the peeps on this platform to cower,
Six monsters and rats have surrounded the tower!
But they're not here to eat corn or people-devour,
They just want to eat grass and snack on a pink flower.
Twice the towers, twice the fun - no doubt! With little creatures having fun, running all about...
Sometimes drawings have a story, other times they have a box.
Sometimes the box contains a person hoping it's not locked.
Sometimes an artist gets caught drawing stuck with writer's block,
Sometimes I ask "What's going on?!" (but these peeps refuse to talk.)
Sometimes we're better off 'cause sometimes people can be shocked-
By things that Sometimes People do in a hot box on the sidewalk.
"It's almost twenty-seventeen and everybody's got a beer,
Grinning ear to ear to cheer a happy new year!
With Kashal-Tee here on the stage like a monster out a cage,
Internationally rapping, dropping wisdom like a sage!

Peeps were flapping to the scene to hear this emcee bard,
Partying hard while wearing ancient Swedish garb... But the power of his sound bombarded some right off the mound!
(Floating down to the ground they landed in a lost and found.)
While the others danced around, demanding to hear more-
And found the energy to ask for more even after the encore!"
It's casual Friday with scientists in jeans,
With half of them relaxing and the others breaking things.
Sweeping robots with a broom is taxing (work's not any fun!)
But they're leaving for the weekend soon and all work must be done!
"Big fish in a frame with no water will jump out,"
Said the peeps that hang around outside, pouting all about.
They argue and then spout with clout, "Which name to give this red?"
There's no doubt the shade is "crimson," put this argument to bed!
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