“Some live on the edge while others just play golf.
But this guy only feels alive by pushing others off.”
Come on down to SpiderTown and be sure to bring your friends!
We'll clown around at Osprey, maybe buy some fountain pens.
Please be careful in the park, for when the monster gets real mad-
He's just sad that a ballpoint pen is all he ever had!
Say hello to the monster now that's up from under ground,
It rose to say "What's up?" and burst through with a thunder sound.
The boys came running sword in hand to chop it down like wood-
Let's hope it can explain before it dies misunderstood!
I'm afraid I think these boxes that we live on cost a lot.
They're so small and pink but Doc says, "Just work hard to pay it off.
Enjoy your mortgage, thank your bank, and know the dream is not a lie.
You're lucky to have a box, son, now go work until you die.
No, you'll never pay it off, so just turn your head and cough. 
You're not dead yet so get to work while I go play some golf!"
Small hands? Yes, but says he's "big where it matters,"
(By drinking so much wine he's expanded his bladder.)
Some come for the drink and others come for the chatter,
You're welcome if you're thin but even more if you're fatter.

His name is Long Neck Beck and if you're sober you'll cry,
But if you're wrecked enough he seems a heck of a guy.
He never crosses the line until you come on his show,
There's no television camera or broadcast, though.

Just a weird room at the back of his house, you know?
But for lots of alcoholics it's THE place to go.
'Cause each contestant on the show each gets their own segment,
They get drunk and have a great time 'til they wake up pregnant.
I did the cover illustration for May 2017 of 425 Business magazine. I worked with Art Director Kirsten Erwin on it - she was great to collaborate with. Thanks, Kirsten (and 425 Business!) 
New drawing colored in Escape Motions Rebelle.
A true depiction of yesterday at the soccer field with parents and children under attack by the sun. But just you wait, Sun. This is Seattle. The clouds are coming soon enough!
A happy little bug riding on a happy little bug being pointed at by a happy little bug.
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