Riding on a dachsund is quite fun as you can see,
For the peeps up on its back (although the dog's not real happy)
But a hound does almost anything with a promise of some food,
And it helps that the dog thinks the sheriff is an awesome dude!
Dwellings Band CD Cover - Final Cover Art
Dwellings Band CD Cover - Final Line Art
Dwellings Band CD Cover - Inside
Dwellings Band CD Cover - Final Back Cover
Dwellings Band CD Cover - In Print
Three yellow faces glowing smiles in the sky,
While the couple gloating fellows wonder why they float so high.
A sea monster standing center side with foot up on a box,
With his hood up he's deciding now just how to pick the lock.
Driving through Seattle on a San Francisco bus,
They look like a bunch of cattle but it could be one of us.
Heading to the disco downtown on the bus but thinking of-
Wondering why they got stuck below while those ghosts got to ride above!
Swimming with the Fishes

Silly little people sitting happy on the edge,
With no one being careful - one's bound to fall off the ledge.
I'll hedge my bets and say the first to fall is red-hat Jim,
And that could be a tragedy 'cause Jim can't even swim.
So he sat there with that dumb grin 'til he slipped and fell right in,
To his surprise & quick demise that's when he found out something grim...
Those so-called friends were quick to laugh but slow to rescue him,
Jim's last thought was "With friends like that, one needs gills and maybe fins.
Drunk again and drawing crowns,
But I'll never be a king...
This was drawn with a pen called a Pilot 823.
Custom import from Japan loaded with the Noodlers Ink,
And I failed at poetry 'cause I had too much to drink.
Café Bustelo

Always drinking coffee for energy to draw,
'Cause having a big fam'ly leaves no energy at all.
So I brew my Café Bustelo for caffeinated wings,
And fly away with my Moleskine to draw important things!

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