House of Hope
Just another platform with a nice house on top,
With clothing out the window 'cause the laundry never stops.
Now she's sitting on a rock in a frock - no shoes or socks,
While her man's got a plan but it's hard to pull it off.
Both of them are spread so thin that it's impossible to win,
But the kids are doing well and the struggle's all for them.
Now another year has passed and he's hoping they will last,
If he wants to save his marriage now he better move fast.
Because time is running out... And there's never been a doubt,
That your family and your loved ones are what life is all about.
Boombox Skybot
Gathered in the sky, people pointing at the 'bot,
Ever'body criticizing, ever'body say they not.
But these people like music and they like music a lot,
And a boombox not enough they want it on their iPod!
'Cause they live for MP3 - downloaded from the 'net.
Sure they like vinyl but now vinyl's hard to get!
This is 2005 and these people wanna JIVE,
Just imagine their excitement when they discover Spotify!
Big Fish
A happy family hanging out with Papa on the barge,
No doubt he'll catch a fish for dinner, hoping it is large.
Dropping hook into the water, feeling thirst & getting parched,
Looks like Papa got a bite, reeling in his back is arched!
This fish is HUGE, Holy Crap! This thing is super strong!
The pole is bent, please line don't snap! Come on, Come On! COME ON!
Now we see it in the water... ENORMOUS, BIG and LONG!
As it shoots up high into the sky casting shadow down upon!
Wide open mouth and big sharp teeth it swallows family whole!
Hand in hand they cannot breathe but to survive was their one goal!
So they held their breath and stuck together, body, mind & soul,
And all five went swirling up and out the whale's big squirter hole!
People Fallin' For Baby Pollen
A throng of people walking in a field of flowers red,
All along but none were talking, not a word shouted or said.
A lady with some Hooch and a friend riding on a pooch,
Both of whom were looking out to smooch with someone up ahead...
Luckily everyone was ready to embrace a lover,
As clouds rolled in to block sun and provide romantic cover.
Now they're dancing in the rain, prancing all about,
With their willies out without a doubt they're in a trance, insane!
But this is life, as I must say whenever I'm asked to explain,
The crazy games that people play - it's how babies get made!
Third Wheel Jim
Two happy Saints on Wednesday afternoon went out to roam.
Led by Nappyhead Saint Red, Saint Boone left toupee safe at home.
Hairless Little Jim in khaki BEGGED to tag along,
In a wittol's wacky dress, henpecked them like a jealous mom.
But Jim's end happened quick when SNAKES rose slick from underground,
As they slithered in for dinner out a mound but made no sound.
Quickly the men drew daggers and machete for protection,
But the tag-along still weaponless became strip-steak confection,
To the snakes devourin' him!
Torn jagged limb by limb as the two Saints ran away,
Shaked and ragged they escaped thanks to Little Jim's bad day.
While we mourn that he was eaten, Jim's life was not a total loss.
Those Saints lived to warn the Deacon - he died for a noble cause.
Duck Army
Duck Army gathering for strength.
Ready now to serve, ready to go the length.
Whether with weapons or ink, these guys are quick to draw.
Ready to paint a picture or enforce the law!
Funny Tree & The Bird That Took
Just another sunny day, gathered under Funny Tree,
With nothing much to say or rather nothing new to see.
When we livin' on a platform free to roam about,
We gotta keep on givin' worms to the bird that flaps about.
Freedom ought'a matter but there's no new space to seek.
Have at 'em bird, go eat the worms - but take us in your beak!
Carry us to safety some place big where we can play,
This tree's not funny anyway, in haste we must escape!
These monsters may be happy but my family needs a house,
We'd go gladly North or South, please just take us in your mouth!
And flap away your wings, we must get out to live our dreams,
This platform may look peaceful but this tree's not what it seems.
We pray each day in hope this bird will free us far away,
But he never does even though we feed him ev'ry day.
He'll take and take and take and until the last worm he has took,
And then we'll catch the bird to eat - it's almost time to cook!
Pedaling For Freedom
Three unicyclers ridin' on a narrow road,
With a bottle in each hand, no one knowin' where to go.
They ought to get a tan, 'cause their bare skin is yellow,
Rollin' on a pavement pilgrimage to find a home.
Now they'll never find a place to live, rowing on this path,
On a race to leave behind a life that's going nowhere fast.
Not meddling, but pedaling to settle down and crash,
At a pad where they can relax- I just hope the beer will last!
Television Head
Television Head said a man named Sid climbed into his bed and the things they did made my face blush red. So I said, "Can we talk about something else, instead?"
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