Dad's Mystical Wonderboat
This is a photograph from when I was a kid when my dad would take us all out on the boat. I would sunbathe in my red swimwear while my sister was fishing. She never caught anything because monsters would pull the fish off the hook before she could reel it in, but that didn't stop her. She never gave up.
My mom was usually inside cooking the fish my sister never caught, and often the motor would break and we would have to paddle it in or the boat would sink sometimes and the water would be very cold even though it was sunny outside and we would drown. There were treasure chests, too, but we never got them. Dad said we couldn't go down there because of the snakes in the water.
Volkswagen Danger Bus
This party of fellow travelers seems to be having a very serious black snake problem as people do from time to time. But this is the Volkswagen Danger Bus, so everything's going to be just fine. (For the bus, anyway.)
Work-Life Balance (Good Luck With That)
Scientists and the Extraordinary Things They Do to Give Us Better Lives
The Lecture
People don't realize that birds have quarrels just like the rest of us. Debates, disagreements, terse discussions... This is all part of bird life.
Oh, you thought everything's easy just because birds don't have a lot of natural predators? Not so. There's an ever-growing bird population and that leads to heated conflicts over rising nest prices, how to pay for egg sitting, bills for unpaid bird taxes... Not to mention gender issues such as equal bird pay for equal bird work, or the strong feelings birds have about interspecies bird marriage.
Let's Move The Lighthouse!
Some birds are more demanding than others. "Move this lighthouse, at once!" they shout at the monsters. The gentle monsters try to explain that even if they wanted to, it just wouldn't be possible. But some birds are brighter than others, and these birds are as dim as they are demanding.
The Enquirerers
Bleeker Street, New York City
Life is always exciting on a warm day in New York, the City of Magic. Sure, you'll see drunk birds passed out on the road, but it's easy to look past that when a bald man storms down Bleeker Street riding some kind of mutant dinosaur.
Street corners are fun, and yours might feature exciting citizens like this meretricious smoking man and friendly young woman peddling her services. Sometimes a monster will be there just looking back at you with a bunch of tentacle arms dangling in the gentle breeze.
This is New York. It may not be for everyone... but it's for me.

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