Twin Terrariums
Sail on a skyship to the Twin Terrariums, where a kid can be a dragonrider or dance on the spot at the top of Mushroom Mountain. Grab a pole and fish for a friend, or talk to the bird in the tree about that time you poked yourself with a fork "to feel alive again." You'll feel alive at the Twin Terrariums where everyone is friendly and you can eat all the mushrooms and flowers (but not birds) one could ever want. Book your skyship today!
Terrarium Despairium
Big Bird thinks he can just boat into a tiny nightclub and he'll magically fit? No, no, no. We got people caught up in that tube watching the swordfight up above. Birds are poking other with pointy spear things -- This is not a nice place.
These people chopped roots and think everything will be okay if they eat the apple? No, no, no. Don't take that fish, window man. This is Terrarium Despairium.
Fishing For Sea-Monkeys
What a lovely day to fish for giant Sea-Monkeys!  He doesn't actually want to bother them, though, so they do this thing where he drops a hook down in the water with no bait and the sea-monkey tugs on the line a little, and they look at each other through the rippling water and laugh together at that giant monster with people all over him that's about to attack the house.
It's Summertime!
It's a hot summer day, why not pile in the back of a truck and play chicken with a giant road monster? We can go birdwatching or throw coins to a roadside drunk. There are ghosts to play with and turtles to chase. Flowers to pick and farmers to toss frankfurters at! There's all kinds of fun to be had... It's summertime!
The Posturing Birds
Birds can be nasty, often failing to keep their opinions to themselves. This Tall Bird is critical of the girl's posture: "Stand up straight, or you'll get stuck like that." A passerby defends her, "Hey buddy, your posture isn't so great yourself." Meanwhile, a ghost chimes in "He's just trying to help!" To which the other ghost replies, "Stop it. You're just posturing."
Party Cobra and the Wholesome Craigslist People
Lonely? No problem. If you don't have any friends there's this guy you can call: The Party Cobra. 
He'll post an ad in Casual Encounters and next thing you know all these wholesome Craigslist people storm your apartment at midnight and your neighbors are instantly impressed that you have so many friends. (They'll talk about it for weeks.)
Suddenly you're popular and cool and your party is a hit and you wake up cold in the bathtub with your carpets ruined and your dog is sick and your plumbing no longer works and it hurts when you pee and there are several dead people in your kitchen all thanks to The Party Cobra.
Call today.
Twilight: The People Garden
Here's an Illustration I did for Stephenie Meyer's first draft of Twilight before she added that part about vampires and werewolves.  (Twilight was originally a children's story about vegetables planting a people garden.)
Babelbrooke 3K by Birdwagen
Getting the birds to school on time is critical, but not always possible when angry unicyclists on the street try to block your way. (These things happen, you just have to go around them.) Careful, though, as those hotrodders might just run you right off the road. That's why the new Babelbrooke 3K by Birdwagen is the right car for your aviary family.
With a seat that sets you high above anyone else you'll be able to spot road hazards like unicyclists and hotrodders in plenty of time to prepare and execute swift avoidance maneuvers. In addition, you'll feel more important way up there looking down on those other cars. (Just be careful at bridges & overpasses.)
Get your Babelbrooke 3K today!

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