All Sun, No Storm
The aliens have landed again but that's okay
They'll take the fisherman's bait and then go happily on their way
A man in the window lost his dog but sees him at that car
He's hoping his dog won't join that pack and travel very far
In the alley a man with a knife is threatening the birds in the garage
While the fisherman in pink is happy but missing his entourage
On days like this in the city when the sun is shining oh so warm
Everyone comes out to play to celebrate that there is no storm!
Don't Work For A Jerk!
Peeps standing on the platform
Right outside the house
'Cause a man in a top hat
Warns he saw a mouse
Quickly ran outside
Poking windows with a stick
But apparently he lied
There's no mouse, it's a trick!
Tall Bird in the back
Disapproves of what he said
Wants the workers back on track
Hard at work and quick to bed
"No time to fish for ghosts
When there's work to be done!
So get back to your posts
Out from under this sun!"
But there's no going back
Now the workers got a taste
Of what it's like not to work
For a jerk (what a waste!)
Iron Maiden: Caught Somewhere in Pong
Iron Maiden was my favorite band in High School
Bruce Dickinson was IT.  There's no Question, he was COOL!
I wanted to be like him; my hair grew two feet long
I changed my name to Sam and got real good at Ping Pong.
But as it turns out, Bruce never played this game...
And if you were in doubt? He said 'Ping Pong is LAME!'
"Thanks a lot, Mr. Dickinson, I don't respect your taste.
I don't care if my sport is one you consider a waste!
Ping Pong was here before you and will be here when you're gone.
No matter what you say or do, I'll always love ping pong!"
I like Iron Maiden too, and if I had to choose?
I'd play ping pong while listening to all the songs they do!
RIP Wes Craven
Here's a Yelomin Krueger tribute in honor of Wes Craven, whose movies inspired in me as a young boy a lifelong love for horror movies. It's still my favorite genre. RIP Mr. Craven.
Ode to Poopaw
Before my dog died I invited some friends
To come say goodbye before her life would end
But I have no friends, only strange people came
And they laughed with big grins at my dog on display
So I asked them to leave but they said they would not!
They thought it a party. (These guys party a lot.)
So out came the beer and then up came the laughing
And all gave a big cheer to honor her passing
In one way her last day, was kind of quite sad
But in others the best day Poopaw ever had.
Selling Arms for Alien Charms
His kids wanted to go for a drive,
Just them and their dad in the truck:
"We'll be happy to ride at your side!"
And Papa said, "Boys, you're in luck."
So they climbed up high in the cab
Dad drove them to a strange place
They loaded the truck up in back with
Weapons to sell to an alien race
Missiles and bombs and big guns, too
They thought they were getting a steal!
Into their rocket the aliens flew
Away (but the weapons weren't real.)
The Walking People
Sometimes the people walk, sometimes the people talk.
Sometimes the people walk so much they walk around the clock.
Moving night and day, never standing still.
Lucky for the people they're not walking on a hill.
These people never sleep, they got 'restless leg syndrome.'
If it was up to me I'd yell "It's time you must go home!"
"Get on out'ta here, and take your flowers too!
Go on home and get some rest 'cause sleep empowers you."
Silly walking people, walking all the time...
They'll walk away their lives but I'll not walk away all mine.
Saturn Bound
High up in the sky a bright star stands out in the pattern
But let me show you now what's really happening on Saturn...
Look real close and see it's not a big planet at all
The Good Book says it's grand, but the planet's very small
It has one lovely tree and several people hanging 'round
Man and woman share their heart with a family they found
A big robot keeps things clean and feeds the couple in the tree
But what it is they eat seems somewhat troubling to me
It sweeps 'mana' with a broom into a delicate quaint pile
And feeds it to his people who then thank him with a smile
But all the dogs, kids and birds, make for a friendly destination...
So call your interstellar travel agent to book your next vacation!
'Til They Pop
The aliens descend in ships with pinchers down below
To grip the humans by their hips, or sometimes by the toe
You’d think these peeps would scream, or at least let out a cry,
But half of them just see it as a chance for free to fly.
The other half too dumb to realize they’re about to die
But what about that one ship being flown by just a guy?
The saucer up and to the right, with human at the station
An imposter? A traitor? He’s resisting the invasion!
Now he’s got one in the grip and he’s heading toward the sky!
High up in the ship and soon he’ll let it free to fly
Aliens with wings will get them chopped soon after birth
So this thing is sure to pop when it comes crashing down to earth!
But is this lone man enough to save us from these aliens?
This simple silly man with pointed nose and no real friends?
While sure, this man’s a hero - it’s no “duty” like a cop
He just likes to squeeze & drop these mean green cooties ‘til they pop!

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